Pre-SEO Analysis - Website Audit

Website Audit plays one of the most important roles in diagnosis of the overall health of the website. Our SEO analysts are skilled enough to carry out website audit by making in-depth analysis of every single aspect of the website aiming towards evaluating the most effective solutions. Our website audit process starts with gathering a substantial volume of information on your website, especially understanding its weaknesses and strengths. At this phase, our SEO analysts mainly check for the internal issues of your website that may affect your site's ranking adversely.

A website audit process is a set of critical analysis aimed towards checking the vulnerable points in the website and rectify them accordingly. We not only analyze and show you the weak points of your website, but also provide you with most effective and best suited recommendations in that regard. Our SEO strides are made according to our analysis. The sole stress are laid on:

Feasibility Check and SEO Recommendations

  • An in-depth analysis to identify the technical issues
  • Analysis for Search Engine friendly site structuring
  • Analysis for content relevancy
  • Dulicate pages and SEO recommendations for handling them
  • Analysis for ensuring if the site is correctly optimized
  • Analysis for unformatted internal page URLs and SEO recommendations
  • Analysis   Recommendations for management of Broken Links, Orphaned pages, Non-indexed links
  • Analysis   Recommendations for management of Site Navigation
  • Analysis   Recommendations for site Usability
  • Recommendations for increasing of site visibility and traffic volume
  • Identifying the competitors and analyzing the competition

Our in-depth website audit and assessment make sure to identify the major and trivial blemishes and flaws of your website, which include all aspects of the online presence of your business, like the quality and relevance of the content, the linking strategies, website structure, technical issues and so on. Apart from the internal analysis, we study and carry on research about your search engine positioning in accordance with your competitors in the market and the end result turns up to be an overtly insightful website audit report, created to clarify the exact and complete website health analysis for you.

The importance of website audit services cannot be underestimated, as a flawless, result-oriented and nearly-perfect website is loved and preferred by all major Search Engines as well as visitors for its flow of useful content, organized structure and relevant features and technical functionality. In fact, website audit involves the scopes for critically analyzing all aspects of your website to deliver an enhanced crawlability, cleaner and professional look, identifying non-search engine friendly areas and codes, slow and unreachable pages, and many other technical parts that can influence your Search Engine ranking immensely.

Oftentimes, a website's credibility and reliability factors are jeopardized due to technical flaws and that let the website miss out on high search engine ranking and consequently losing a considerable traffic volume. It is thus fundamental for every website to go through an in-depth and thorough inspection and audit in order to analyze the weaknesses and aspects which hampers the website-health and also to get rid of the harmful factors. Our Search Engine Optimization strategies are actually built on your website's audit report. By this we ensure very effective SEO strides that will yield you desirable result immediately as well as in the long run.

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  • Great working with these guys. their english is great, they do what they say and I will definitely use them again! Great job Sanjay
    Andrew Jacoby
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    Trevor Henson
  • Very professional to work with. Be clear with parameters and they will work very hard to achieve desired results. I am very happy with the finished product and would use again.
    Marnie Marncuk

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