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Ways of Online Content Consumption – Top 3 Ways

February 12th, 2013

Content pertains to article, image or a video – but how are they consumed? How to reach the best places to consume them online? In this regard, three ways of content consumption come into picture, namely Search, Social, and Recommendation Engine.

Search is the most straightforward compared to the rest two. Users type in a search query based on the information they are seeking on search engines, followed by clicking on the link that best match their requirement on result page. Google made a path-breaking invention, when it indexed entire world’s data that could be accessed by its search engine.

Social is rather a recent development, and has much to to do with people who are in your social sphere. Online content sharing by social media friends is indeed interesting, and a great way to stumble upon something which you have not read, listened or watched before. Moreover, it has been seen that people find content to be more authoritative, if it has been shared by friends or someone trustworthy. Facebook is worth a name to take, even though it is not the first in the space of social networking.

Recommendation engine is more open-ended, and based on opportunity. To state it in simple words, once we are over with reading a book or watching a television program, we are left with the choice or decision of what next to consume. If you take into account Amazon’s book suggestions or Netflix’s movie recommendations, you will understand how new content can be personalized and presented in an opportunistic manner, based on the relevant, real-time interactions between users and the content that they are accessing online.

We all are consumers of knowledge – with the revolutionary introduction of Google search engine or the social media content, our horizons got widened and changed the perception of single-track content consumption through traditional newspapers and a handful of television channels and radio stations. In recent days, data mining is going to get redefined via hyper personalized Facebook Graph search features. It is likely to act as a strong recommendation engine powered by common interests and recommendations of friends and friends-of-friends.

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