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Go for a Smarter Search with Yahoo! Axis

November 22nd, 2012

Yahoo! Axis is a take on Google’s Chrome. It joined the league of search engines owning their own web browsers, in the month of May 2012. Right at your fingertip and in front of your eyes, you have search results with ‘instant answers and visual search previews‘. Axis is seamlessly compatible on Desktop, iPad, and iPhone. Seems nothing can get better and smarter than this, since Axis just redefines for browsers the way to search and browse the big world of web in a faster way. The USP of Axis – web searches have got more visual with clear preview of site(s).

The visual experience that browsers get is definitely better than the traditional way of looking through links and identifying the right web resource for your search needs. But now you have image of the website on the screen and at once, you can judge whether this is the site you are looking for.

Some searches can be made…

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Search Engine Spam Report

December 8th, 2011

so guys here’s something that doesn’t relate directly to SEO or SEM. I am sure this post is going to come to a great help to you, if you’re spending times on Internet, doesn’t’ matter whether you are an Internet Marketer or not.

Just a few years ago, Barry Schwartz (Founder of the “Search Engine Roundtable” and News Editor of “Search Engine Land”) created a poll, to find how many web guys reported competitors to Google. The result was surprisingly shocking — most people did not report spam to Google. More shocking was that to find most of them didn’t know about this, and some other thought that reporting to Google was just wastage of time. Time’s changed! In case you find any specific webpage(s) misbehaving or cloaked or have hidden text or sly and deceitful redirects, you can report to not only Google but other search Engines as well. How?

Report a spam to Google

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Yahoo vs Google

October 17th, 2011

Who is going to rule the next generation search industry – Google or Yahoo?

Yahoo vs Google has been a buzzing phrase across the web. Different sources have described this competitive analysis from different perspective. According to one Online Business Intelligence, Web Monitoring & Reputation Management analysis report provided by Cybion, Google and Yahoo were almost on the same position, back in the year 2004.

According to the report, “in 2004, Yahoo’s total shareholders funds and liabilities were 7,100 millions USD, around 2.5 times more these of Google, which was approximately 2,900 millions USD. The revenue for both the companies were almost at the same level, with Google being 3,189 millions USD and for Yahoo around 3,574 millions USD.

However, in the year 2007, there had been a notable drastic difference noticed in the situation. During the time rnge of 2004-2007 period, if Yahoo’s total shareholders funds and liabilities grew to 9,500 millions USD, Google’s grew to 22,700 millions USD,…

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The Unique Alliance Between Microsoft and Yahoo!

October 15th, 2011

Yahoo! as one of the most coveted search engine pioneers is treading new paths of innovation and progression. As a responsible and ever-updated SEO company, we at SEO guys never lag behind in providing and spreading the latest news when it comes to talking about popular search engines like yahoo! and Bing, who have joined hands to overcome the challenges put by their competitors. the new is no longer new, yet I found it really informative and interesting to share with our readers. Bing as a part of Microsoft search platform is allying with yahoo! by harnessing yahoo’s algorithmic search results and yahoo! In return is benefiting from the interface provided by Bing and its resources.

The transition of this profitable culmination of yahoo! and Bing is almost complete in nations like US, Canada, Mexico, Australia and Brazil and the same would be followed in other demographic locations as well in the near future. Till the month…

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Yahoo! Site Explorer Platform Will Shut Down Shortly

October 14th, 2011

It wasn’t until July, 2011 that Yahoo! announced that Bing Webmaster Tools were supporting that of the Yahoo!, which is Site Explorer Community. Hence the tasks have become a lot easier for webmasters, because they would now have to use the Bing Webmaster Tools and can rest assured that they would be now enjoying organic traffic from both Yahoo! and Bing. Interestingly Since the mid phase of August 2011, the Bing Webmaster Tools have been showing up traffic data from Yahoo! into its reports. Yahoo! said, “we have been making great progress in transitioning organic search results to the Microsoft search platform in various markets, as part of the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance.”

It has been almost officially declared by Yahoo! that users can continue to use the Yahoo! Site Explorer platform until the organic results of Yahoo! are completely transposed to the Microsoft’s Search platform all through the global markets. This is expected to be completed during the…

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