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Quality Content Always Survives Panda Algorithm Updates

March 15th, 2013

With Google emphasizing more priority on content rather than just links, SEO and online promotion is not same any more like it used to be. More weightage has been put on content, rather than just generating backlinks alone. According to the Google God, it is not about just building links and carving a profile for your website, but its the quality and the uniqueness of the content that will eventually make a difference for your website.

It all started with Google introducing Panda refreshes systematically and periodically at various monthly intervals. Panda was first introduced in the year 2011 in the month of February. According to the Panda update, every user generated content shall be unique and 100% fresh. Any duplicate articles, content, websites with thin content, low quality websites and even web related articles copied from somewhere else is devalued too. With millions of content generated all across the Internet, there was soon a uprising from original webmasters with…

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Importance of content in Online branding

March 7th, 2013

The importance of content in online branding cannot be undermined. It is oftentimes said that “Content is King”. And content can be just about anything ranging from your “Contact” page in your website to the videos and images that you publish on your web page. Unless your content is able to attract web traffic to your website, it is of no use at all. Also included in content is the blog section and the FAQs section if you have one in your website. Online brand management is in vogue these days. And the agencies or the firms that are entrusted with the job of managing online brand and web presence do not keep any stones unturned in delivering their job.

Search Engines prefer write ups for users and not for web crawlers. Remember, with every passing day Google is taking initiatives to tame the content farms and web spammers. Why is content so important for online brand management? With cut…

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High Quality Content is All That Matters for your Site

February 25th, 2013

Good content is the soul of online marketing. The first step towards drawing relevant traffic is by creating persuasive content on web pages that will keep readers hooked or engaged. The crux is content must be vocal about your business purpose. The content should ideally have words that will help boost sales – it can be done by inserting words and phrases that call readers to action. But before all this, you should be aware of who is your targeted audience. Knowing your audience gives an edge to web page writing.

You can keep visitors flocking to your site by offering a palate of varied content. Apart from interesting write-up, your home page should have relevant images, video clips and links that will nurture better attention and enhance brand awareness. The same applies for inner pages, but home page carries more weight when it comes to business conversions.

Content also gives you scope to track and measure user reactions and…

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Google’s Take on Facebook Graph Search

February 18th, 2013

Recently Larry Page took a stance of criticism against Facebook, saying that Facebook is doing a ‘really bad job on their products’, just prior to January 15, 2013 Menlo Park announcement of new Facebook Graph Search product, based on friend-based search technology garnering worldwide media attention. Whether it was meant for Graph Search – it’s a riddle.

When questioned whether Facebook’s dominance in social space is going to be killing for Google, Larry retorted “For us to succeed, is it necessary for some other company to fail? No. We are actually doing something different. I think outrageous to say that there’s only space for one company in these areas.”

Market experts may opine that a war has been declared on Google with the introduction of FB’s first step in redefining search engine find by collecting vast data of its social users, and serving a palate full of information based on common interests, likes, dislikes, recommendations of friends and friends-of-friends. But,…

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How Baby Steps of Social Networking Took a Giant Stride

February 14th, 2013

Think of social media – and you think of Facebook. But, social networking did not start with Facebook. In reality, social networking started taking baby steps with BBS (the acronym for Bulletin Board System) in 1980s. These were online meeting places, where through a central system people could download games or files and could post messages to other users on the system. Next followed CompuServe, which allowed users to access news and events, and share files. There was a novelty – people could join discussions forums and talk about important events – this perhaps signaled social media interactions of modern days. Member created communities at AOL is also considered a precursor of social networking sites we have in the current days.

In the next phase, and appeared on the scene. The former was an instant hot, with people able to locate long-lost school friends (till date the service do boast of over 500 million registered users). SixDegrees (1197)…

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Ways of Online Content Consumption – Top 3 Ways

February 12th, 2013

Content pertains to article, image or a video – but how are they consumed? How to reach the best places to consume them online? In this regard, three ways of content consumption come into picture, namely Search, Social, and Recommendation Engine.

Search is the most straightforward compared to the rest two. Users type in a search query based on the information they are seeking on search engines, followed by clicking on the link that best match their requirement on result page. Google made a path-breaking invention, when it indexed entire world’s data that could be accessed by its search engine.

Social is rather a recent development, and has much to to do with people who are in your social sphere. Online content sharing by social media friends is indeed interesting, and a great way to stumble upon something which you have not read, listened or watched before. Moreover, it has been seen that people find content to be more authoritative,…

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How is SEO Industry Going to Behave in 2013?

February 8th, 2013

How will you increase the performance of your site on search engines. It all depends on how good your site has been optimized for the web, mobile and smartphones.

Web optimization is no easy a game. But, our SEO experts have the right domain knowledge and keep a pulse on the changing trends of the industry. Some of the trends that are likely to change SEO landscape are:

Google’s author rank – it is all about your reputation on the web. Based on your domain expertise and niche authority, you will get an author rank. This will give a high weightage to blog or website content. Moreover, the content will be automatically linked to your Google+ profile.

Responsive Web Designing – there has been a phenomenal rise in mobile web traffic. Hence, responsive designing has become a dire necessity to make websites compatible for all mobile browsers.

Link Disavow Tool – Google’s tool to filter out bad backlinks. With it,…

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