Client Profile:

Excel Transcriptions provides specialized and general transcription services to clients from all across the globe. The company offers professional documentation solutions while maintaining accuracy and quality at all levels. The projects taken up by Excel Transcriptions efficiently meet their desired results withing a fast turnaround time.

SEO Hurdles & Challenges:

Excel transcriptions, although having a booming business, lagged behind in website promotion, which was hampering their search engine position and rankings. Hence, they contacted us to optimize their website through customized SEO activities. We confronted the following obstructions in doing so:

- The nature of competition in the online transcription business is tougher than we thought.

- We found it difficult to make a position for the company's website and its keywords, due to high competition.

- Certain relevant SEO tactics were applied to make the website search-engine friendly and to make the crawler index the web-pages more frequently.

- We identified the coding error in the website and rectified the same to make the website indexed by the search engines.

- We dealt with the duplicate content issues of the website, which previously hampered the website quality.

- We had restructured and created fresh on-page and off-page content for the website, to provide efficient information, which optimized the website for the search engines

SEO-Guys confronted all the challenges and tackled them with dexterity and accountability, to achieve the desired results of the applied SEO strategies.

Strategies & Activities:

SEO-Guys have studied and assessed the website of Excel Transcriptions minutely and noticed all the on-site and off-site loopholes, drawbacks and scopes of improvement. We made sure to rectify all the flaws and to reorganize the website with customized SEO activities. Within a short span of 2 months, we have already achieved high ranks for 2 keywords. We are continuing our SEO activities for another 2 to 3 keywords for the website. While working for the website optimization, we have built a holistic SEO blueprint, which majorly required us to re-write and optimize the website content. We generated voluminous back links from good sources apart from utilizing article-marketing. Besides, we explored the social media platform to direct traffic to the website.


1. Ranking of the keyword 'Transcription with EMR'

  • No.1 rank in Bing Canada, Bing UK and Bing India.
  • No.2 in Bing US.
  • No.3 in AOL.
  • No.5 in Google UK and Google Canada
  • No.3 in Google India and Google US.
  • No.1 in Yahoo UK, Yahoo Canada and Yahoo India.
  • No.2 in Yahoo US.

2. Ranking of the keyword 'General Transcription'

  • No.5 in Yahoo US
  • No.5 in Bing US
  • No.8 in Google India
  • No.9 in AOL

We have achieved 10% increase in the traffic and our SEO work is in progress for the website and its other keywords.

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  • Great working with these guys. their english is great, they do what they say and I will definitely use them again! Great job Sanjay
    Andrew Jacoby
  • We have been working with Sumit and his team for years - and they have delivered time, after time, after time. Thank you!
    Trevor Henson
  • Very professional to work with. Be clear with parameters and they will work very hard to achieve desired results. I am very happy with the finished product and would use again.
    Marnie Marncuk

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