Client Profile: is a leader in sale of viscosupplements and cosmetic fillers on a global scale. The company based in Kelowna, Canada deals with distribution of Botox, other dermal fillers, viscosupplements, Zometa and teeth-whiteners. It enjoys an international clientele comprising doctors, clinics, hospitals, medical organizations and spas. RxPad has earned clients' trust through their strong adherence to quality, authenticity and purity. It has a competitive edge over other rivals because of the cost-effective product prices, much lower than US wholesale market price. Whether in Canada or in Europe, you can easily place online order at

SEO Hurdles & Challenges:

RxPad had already been an established name, earning great goodwill, in the industry of cosmetic filler suppliers and viscosupplements. They wanted to take this to the next level and attract worldwide customers on their online platform. Our SEO portfolio attracted them and they got in touch with us for hiring our professional SEO services. Some of the genuine SEO problems which our experts faced have been enlisted here:

- Unintentional cloaking was detected in the site which was a detrimental threat and was resolved.

- Duplicate content issues were found.

- Code was un-optimized .

- Duplicate meta tag attribute in the site.

- Problem in url structure.

Strategies & Activities: was an already existing site. Since, we did not want to disturb the visitors and captive clients, we worked on a new sub-domain and made all on-page SEO tweaks out there. Once all the SEO problems were resolved the original site was replaced by the optimized domain. Due to huge volume of technical blockage the new version of the site that was lagging the major on-page factors, was optimized for usability, code, content, navigability, link structuring, etc to the sub domain. 90 product pages were individually optimized. Code and Javascript optimization were done. Modifications were made to keep the site's major pages updated with fresh content.


  • Top ranking for 'Viscosupplement Supplier Online'.
  • 5th place ranking for 'Botox Injection Online'.
  • 6th place ranking for keywords like 'Cosmetic Filler Supplier Online', 'Online Botox Pharmacy', 'Synvisc Supplier Online'.
  • 7th and 8th place ranking for keywords 'Discount Botox Online' and 'Discount Juvederm Online' respectively.
  • 20% increase in organic traffic (in 2 months).
  • With continual SEO service we aim to garner more web traffic.

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With Google emphasizing more priority on content rather than just links, SEO and online promotion is not same any more like it used to be....

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  • Very professional to work with. Be clear with parameters and they will work very hard to achieve desired results. I am very happy with the finished product and would use again.
    Marnie Marncuk
  • We have been working with Sumit and his team for years - and they have delivered time, after time, after time. Thank you!
    Trevor Henson
  • Great working with these guys. their english is great, they do what they say and I will definitely use them again! Great job Sanjay
    Andrew Jacoby

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